The Netherlands support our Food Security Project

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to garden and the whole neighbourhood gets tomatoes”

An off-chance meeting and an opportunity to take Marian Lubbers around the township led to Marian and her partner deciding that they wanted to plough something back into the community via Ikhala Trust and off course her immediate connection with our promotion of a seedling bank where Ikhala Trust donates seedlings to community gardens and individual households touched a cord. Marian pondered for a short while and then set about mobilising her friends and neighbours to support this idea!! Marian and her partner were overwhelmed by the support that they received and raised in excess of R21 000.00 that will be used exclusively to purchase seedlings and the necessary gardening equipment to ensure that the community gardens we currently support are sustainable. These seedlings are available to any community project or individual household who is actively involved in planting vegetables in order to not only feed themselves but to support others in the community who may be in need of fresh vegetables.

Currently many of the gardens are tended by older women and in some instances some young men – we are hoping to change this situation around by encouraging local projects to involve the young people they ‘serve’ to give something back by working the ‘land’. We are experiencing extreme weather conditions at the moment with temperatures soaring and hence working the land and ensuring that the seedlings are watered and nurtured right now is a daunting task – but those involved are determined to succeed which is an inspiration!!

Thank you Marian and all the generous people from your community for giving us a great start to a new year – we believe it can only get better with your kind of support!!!