Community Development Resources

Our community development resources consist of methods, tools, stories of learning and success as well as reports. We encourage participation from all stakeholders, so please take a moment to go through your library of resources and consider contributing some, either through our contact page. We also welcome articles. In both cases, we’re happy to link to your website.

Methods & Tools

Resource Contributor Description
Compendium of Methods and Tools for ABCDFacilitation Developed by Coady International Institute and Elamanzi as an outcome of an ABCDtraining course hosted by GIBS in 2013 A compendium of ABCD tools and methods compiled out of a 4 day training of trainers course in ABCD offered by the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) and Coady Institute in 2012. The document contains all of the methods and tools shared by learning partners during the course. Included in the compendium are tools to shift poverty mindsets from needs based to asset based thinking, tools to stimulate and support community driven development and techniques for process facilitation. The compendium can be used freely, but please acknowledge the contributors.

Stories of Learning and Success

Resource Contributor Description
Through the barrel of a lens Lisa-Anne Julien for LegalWise, 2014 A fascinating case study of Paradigm Lens – a programme of the Community Development Foundation (CDF) Western Cape that has awakened the gifts and talents of youth combining photography and entrepreneurship. The project (funded by LegalWise) has an asset orientation and the story eloquently outlines the background to the project – how it has unfolded and some of the impacts.
Investing in Community Development – The Case of the Woodford Library Brianne Peters for Coady International Institute, 2014 This story documents Woodford Library, co-funded by LegalWise, and the local community who mobilised financial, material and technical resources to establish the Library. The case documents the background, the successes and how many challenges were overcome to stimulate and support citizen driven development in the town of Bergville, KZN.
Combining ABCD and Permaculture at WB Tshume Primary School Ninnette Eliasov for Ikhala Trustand Carla Collins for Calabash Trust, 2014 A case study exploring a pilot project combining ABCD and Permaculture in a Primary School in Port Elizabeth. The story behind the project, the pilot phase and some of the achievements, challenges and lessons learnt.
Facilitating Organisational Change Using an Asset Based Approach Ninnette Eliasov for Ikhala Trustand Mary Humphreys for Rapael Centre, 2014 A case study of a strategic review and planning process facilitated with Raphael Centre, an organisation in Grahamstown that promotes HIV prevention and support. The case study outlines the background to the ABCD planning process, the methodology used and some of the outcomes.
Voices in Harmony Ninnette Eliasov and Brianne Peters (Ikhala Trustand Coady Institute), 2013 The publication documents four stories of community driven development in South Africa and explores the cross cutting themes and lessons. It is written in two sections: Section 1 narrates four stories in South Africa, drawing on the fieldwork conducted in November 2011. Each case, first traces the evolution of the organization from its beginnings and identifies some of the driving forces behind it. We then look more closely at the critical points when the organization began to grow and build its partnership networks, and explore some of its growth dynamics. Each case concludes with reflections on some of the key themes and salient points. Section 2 highlights common themes gleaned from the case studies and interviews conducted with representatives of government agencies, donors, and NGOs in February 2011. It also discusses the critical issues that enabled (or disabled) community-driven development in the four cases presented in Section 1, and offers recommendations for donors, NGOs, government, and local leaders who wish to support an asset-based community-driven approach to development.


Resource Contributor Description
Training Report – Port Alfred – May 2017 Ikhala Trust Report on the outcomes of the ABCD Training held in Port Alfred 16 – 18 May 2017
Report on the ABCDFestival in Goa in 2017 Ikhala Trust 130 participants from 16 countries including South Africa, USA, England, Timor Leste, Canada, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Germany, Mauritius, Lebanon, Scotland, Australia, Palestine, Ireland and Sri Lanka gathered together in Goa, India to share, discover and celebrate everything ABCD as part of the 2nd International ABCD Festival.
Small is the New Big – ABCDFestival 2015publication Ikhala Trust The festival brought together over 100 community development practitioners, from 7 of South Africa’s 9 provinces; as well as friends and networking partners from Canada and Scotland. It was inspired by a similar event in Blackpool (UK) and adopted the same theme: Small is the new Big. The publication captures the spirit of the festival, speakers and various topic tents exploring ABCD: shifting consciousness, ABCD and youth development, valuing the role of different stakeholders and research, monitoring and evaluation. It also includes the inspirational stories of Ithuba Agricultural Enterprise and Famhealth Medi-Park Centre as told by the inspirational keynote speaker – Dr Jeff Govender.

Newsletters and Annual Reports

Resource Contributor Date Description
PE Mental Health AGMReport 2018 PE Mental Health March 2018 “After an untimely 57% reduction in government funding in 2017, we were left in a very precarious and vulnerable position as the future of our organisation was severely threatened. With this said, I wish to record my deepest appreciation to the staff, to the management team, and to the Board who, under very challenging circumstances, through many tears and unknowns, managed to steer us through the crisis and helped rebuild the organisation.”
Sophakama Community Partnership – July 2016 Sophakama Community Partnership July 2016 ABCD is at the heart of what Sophakama Community Partnership is practicing in Pearston in the Eastern Cape. Through their July 2016 newsletter, Sophakama Community Partnership shares their activities that are creating change in action.
Sophakama Community Partnership – December 2016 Sophakama Community Partnership December 2016 ABCD is at the heart of what Sophakama Community Partnership is practicing in Pearston in the Eastern Cape. All the news from the Pearston festival is in this edition.

Case Studies

Resource Contributor Description
Hugs of Hope Written by Bernie Dolley ( Director, Ikhala  Trust ) and Teresa Opperman ( Manager, Hofmeyr Hugs of Hope) A  Story of Hope and Resilience from a Community member in small town of Homeyr. Transforming the small Eastern Cape Town of Hofmeyr by focusing what is Strong in the community and not what is wrong. Moving from Charity and Welfare to Development.

VP Collab : GD Publication

Resource Contributor Description
Mandela University Food System Newsletter Nicole Collier  -Niadoo, Nandipha Ntengenyana, & Ntombovuyo Linda Converging engagement and Teaching & Learning  – What we learn by collaborating to rethink visual story telling.