A Rapid Appraisal of The Impact of ABCD

The objective of the Ikhala Trust is to assist Community Based Organisations (CBOs) in the Eastern Cape to improve their capacity to mobilise around access to improved services that will contribute to the socio-economic growth and development of the communities they serve.

To achieve this objective, the Trust provides small grants to CBOs and facilitates capacity building programmes with funded CBOs and their partners.

The Ikhala Trust has been offering Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Training to participants representing the CBO and NGO sector since 2009. To date, about 100 people, including CBO members, development practitioners and academics, have attended the training course. The tailor made course is developed and facilitated by Ikhala Trust Associate, Ninnette Eliasov, an experienced Development Practitioner. Material used has been drawn from a number of sources including the “Leaky Bucket” exercise developed by the Coady International Institute (Canada).

The Project People, an independent consultancy, was commissioned to conduct a rapid appraisal of the impact of the course with a view to facilitating discussions around future strategies to popularise ABCD and promote advocacy.

Download the full report here