Kwenzekile Community Development Centre’s Graduation Ceremony

This was a graduation ceremony that we certainly could not miss as the date for the ceremony was scheduled around our availability to travel to Sidwadweni, Tsolo for the occasion. We were caught up in the hype and sheer joy when the 29 dignified computer graduates walked across the field from Bongi’s homestead to the Marquee tent where they we met by members of the community who came out in the numbers.

This was KCDC’s 4th graduation ceremony and this one was by far the biggest as they had combined the graduates from the Community Development Centre in Mthatha with the graduates from Bongi’s village. Everyone was beautifully groomed and the excitement was palpable as one by one each graduate came forward to receive their Accredited Certificate with the compliments of Richard van Briesies from Smartybe Computer Services based in Port Elizabeth. Richard has being involved with KCDC almost since inception through his accredited training programmes which enables Bongi and her team to offer the training through KCDC.

As one lady mentioned – time here is no issue – you must just press the PAUSE button as everything happens in its own time. The programme was jam packed with speakers, young girls doing traditional dancing and they even had their own local comedian who had everyone in stitches!!

Preparations for the big day started weeks before to ensure that everything ran smoothly. When we arrived the ladies were all huddled over huge pots on open fires cooking delicious food for the many guests both invited and others who just joined in. Everyone was made to feel welcome and enjoyed the festivities. The event started at around 11h30 and we drove away from Bongi’s home at around 15h30. Many of the people were still there enjoying themselves. Was it worthwhile travelling almost six hours from Port Elizabeth to attend the Ceremony? Indeed it was and we would do this again for sure.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed in making this special day for the graduates a big success and one they won’t forget. A special thank you goes to the KCDC Board members who support Bongi and her team and exercise their governance role with integrity.

A special thank you goes to Smartbyte, Donald Leech Bequest Fund, Thembekile Kanise at CDC and the donors who support Ikhala Trust for assisting us in planting seeds of HOPE with youth in the rural communities of the Eastern Cape.