Imbasa Community Services making a Difference

Imbasa Community Services is a rural community based organisation led by young people and founded by Bonga Gwengula, a pharmacist.  Bonga is passionate about reaching out to the “wise” in the community and has dedicated himself to ensuring that they are properly cared for and given the respect they so rightly deserve.  The Centre offers a variety of programmes including a community health programme that was recently officially acknowledged by the local municipality’s health portfolio for the amazing outreach to the sick who are on chronic medication.  The closest clinic to their village is 40kms which, aside from the distance, is also expensive and many sick people default on their medication because it is just too much of an effort to get to the clinic and they often do not have the money to get there.  So in steps Imbasa and through Bonga, are able to collect the medication for each of the patients from the different health centres and the care workers deliver the medication to each of the patients households and also monitors that the medication is taken.  It is reported that from a staggering 286 defaulters they have now reduced that to 134 defaulters and will continue to try and bring this number down to zero.

Their motto is Adherence=longer life=healthy communities.

We are so proud of you and we are sure others will be motivated to do the same!!!

Imbasa Community Services Imbasa Community Services