Ikhaya Loxolo Community Organisation, Hobeni Village

Bringing warmth in the winter cold

Despite the winter chill, and yes, it is cold and wet and muddy and miserable at this time of the year in Hobeni Village, Ikhaya Loxolo Community Organisation braved the odds and celebrated in true style, like only this village community can do,  to honour the 26 participants – from 17 year olds to 52 years old – on the Computer Skills Training Programme facilitated by Bongi and Esihle from Kwenzekile Community Development Centre.

Ikhaya Loxolo Community OrganisationIkhaya Loxolo recently experienced some organisational wobbles, but despite these wobbles, Phateka (the Project Leader), has risen above the challenges and organised a memorable GRADUATION CEREMONY on the 13th July 2018 for the 26 Graduates who now have an Accredited Certificate in Computer Skills through the collective efforts of KCDC and Smartbyte (a PE based service provider) that has enabled this incredible journey to happen by working as a support organisation with KCDC for a few years now!!  We feel proud that one of our own community partners is able to serve in this way and empower, enrich and spread their skills in this manner!!  Well done Bongi and Esihle for hanging in despite the difficulties.

If you have not been to this village, you cannot understand what it takes to just get there in one piece!!

Hobeni VillageWe can never under-estimate the power of ONE!!  Despite all the logistical nightmares which those of us who have immediate access to service providers at a press of a button, big budgets for special events and celebrities, staying in luxury accommodation and all of the things we get so used to as external people, village communities like the people from Hobeni Village can teach us more than we can ever understand about mobilising all your available ASSETS to make occasions like this memorable – and it is not written in a manual and not TAUGHT in formal settings – it just happens!!Ikhaya Loxolo Community Organisation  We are inspired and continue to be committed to this kind of community driven development that does not require copious amounts of complex forms and money – it JUST HAPPENS!!  Ikhala Trust, through the support of LegalWise, funded KCDC an amount of R10 000.00 to provide the training and LIVE in this village and assess the participants over a period of time before they were able to QUALIFY – no mean TASK and especially at the size of GRANT which converts to TEN-FOLD if you consider all the other ASSETS that have come into PLAY!!

Hobeni VillageWell done Phateka, you are a leader in the making and we are proud of you – to Bongi and Esihle we are even PROUDER – don’t give up on your dream BONGI – you are setting the BAR for those who will follow!!

Thank you for sacrificing so much, like when you tell me your ‘Western’ ways, and reaching out in ways that I did not anticipate more than 6 years ago!!

Ikhaya Loxolo Community OrganisationParticipants on the programme contribute R300.00 for their own graduation ceremony!!!

“I’m not a failure because I did not make it … I am successful because I tried” ~ Unknown

“The best way out is always through” ~ Helen Keller

“If all your giving is about getting, think how fearful you will become” ~  Susan Jeffers – Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway