This year we focussed on issues of Governance, Compliance and Knowledge and Information sharing. For the 1st time in many years, we were overwhelmed by the number of people who participated in both days that included grantee organisations. On Day One we had 68 participants for the Governance workshop presented by Ricardo Wyngaardt of Ricardo Wyngaardt Attorneys who also distributed amazing resources that people could take away with them. One Day Two we had 58 participants and input was given by SARS, Peter Grant from the NMMU‟s Business School who talked about Co-operatives and Kerryn from the East Cape Training Centre sharing information on various artisan skills training programmes offered by her institution. Just watching people from where I was sitting, one could see that there was keen interest in all the presentations and a lot of networking and sharing was happening at the same time. We ended the 2 days with an outing to the beach and a „braai‟ in the evening. On the morning of the 20th November all the participants who had being staying over at St Luke‟s travelled as far afield as Matatiele and Tarkastad. All in all a huge success and we look forward to an even bigger Conference in 2014!! But for now it is time to wind-up our busy year and take a much deserved break!!

Help the Blind Organisation (HEPSO) outshone all of us and participated in all the activities with enthusiasm and the old adage .. I can see and yet I am so blind to the beauty around me and what is possible rang true for many of us in the room!!

“Kindness is the language deaf men can see and blind men can hear” – Nigerian Proverb