Ikhala Trust – A Ten Year Journey

Attempting to capture the rich history, the many amazing people, landscapes, travels, insights and learning spanning 10 years of existence as an community grant making organisation in the Eastern Cape Province has indeed been challenging and daunting and hats off and huge credit and respect to people who are so eloquently able to write stories and books that helps to capture the imagine of so many people without losing the essence of what it is they want to portray.

I decided that perhaps it would be appropriate and apt at this time in the history of civil society organisations in South Africa to perhaps share our story by way of giving examples of milestones we achieved during this time and using the ‘Olive’s stages of development of an organisation’s life’ to make the point.

Often in our day or day quest to achieve our Mission and Intent, we forget to capture these moments but thankfully here at Ikhala Trust we have had opportunities to capture our time-line over the years by ensuring that we have kept records, photos and data that has enabled us to do just this. We hope that this short publication will not only serve as a source of information but also as an opportunity for those who read our story to realise that they are not alone in their struggles and challenges as organisations and that organisations have a natural life cycle – just like the human family !!!

Please download the full report here.