Ikhala Goes Green in October

Did you know that about 78% of people living in the Eastern Cape are Food–Insecure, this is more than the national average of 64% according to a latest research project and many of these households live in the rural Eastern Cape. Depressing statistics to say the least, but here at Ikhala Trust with our mission to encourage everyone that ‘NOBODY HAS NOTHING’ CAMPAIGN AND GREENING OUR TOWNSHIPS and SUBURBS not with beautiful flowers and plants that we perhaps cannot eat? but by making people aware” we can turn the tide if we all did our bit to assist those who don’t have with what we can do collectively. Ikhala Trust currently supports any organisation or individual household who is planting vegetables with seedlings on a regular basis. It gets tough though as our small staff cannot be driving all around to deliver these seedlings so where it is possible people come to our offices at the South End Museum to collect seedlings for their gardens if they are in and around Port Elizabeth. It is not enough – we do not have a dedicated budget to do this and largely depend on Coin Collections from Grey High School (thank you so much) and our friends from the Netherlands to assist which they did so generously. Nobody has nothing – collect your small change and when you have enough you phone us and we will either collect or better still drop it off at the office if you can – we take it to the bank – they don’t always give us happy smiles as re-counting what we have already counted is hard work – but it is MONEY which enables us to buy more seedlings – more seedlings – more food – less HUNGRY families. It is not just about ACTING but building a community of citizens who CARE about EACH OTHER and at the same time BUILDING THE GREEN REVOLUTION!! So – collect those coins – there may be others where we live who would love to get rid of the SMALL CHANGE – contact us and we will collect – IT’S THAT EASY!!