Ikhala Trust


“Building community from the inside out”

Being mindful of the economic and social ills that affect communities all around us and the need to make a difference in many small ways, Ikhala Trust initiated a Vegetable Seedling Bank a few years ago.  This was made possible through the generosity of a few individuals, schools and a corporate donor who donated small funds through school coin collections etc and passed those funds to us in order for Ikhala to purchase and distribute thousands of seedlings to individuals, schools and communities who are serious about ‘doing it for themselves’.  The excitement of harvesting the first crop is palatable and we love hearing stories like this – it helps to take away the doom and gloom of the everyday newspaper headlines.

The photos in this newsclip have been provided by Craig Ellis, a passionate community activator in Port Alfred who has been encouraging individuals and organisations to grow their own vegetables using the Farming God’s Way principles.  Craig has also been instrumental in encouraging anyone who is committed and passionate about ‘doing things for themselves’ to get involved in ‘greening’ neighbourhoods in Port Alfred.  Every community needs a ‘Craig’ – someone who is prepared to go more than the extra mile to motivate others to get involved in something positive.In order for Ikhala Trust to continue supplying these vegetable seedlings we need the generosity of the general public – so why not start collecting those ‘nuisance’ coins in a bottle and when it is full you can contact us on 041-5850970 and we will gladly collect it from you and deposit the money into our account in order for us to keep the Seedling Bank ‘growing’.