Community Visits on the 5th of May

“If you have a WHY to live for then there will always be a HOW”

As I write today’s newsclip, I write it with a Heavy and a Happy heart at the same time. Why is life so unfair for so many people and yet so full of abundance for others, and I regard myself as the latter. I have the privilege of doing my community rounds on a regular basis and today was no exception. So with my boot loaded with clothes, seedlings and 5 bags of compost for a community garden, I set off this morning to deliver the seedlings in different parts of the city. What struck me and really deeply, was the number of young unemployed people; women and men sitting around on street corners, some still in their PJ’s others drinking alcohol already at 9.00am in the morning – surely this cannot be the life that they chose or has it become the NORM – I kept thinking if only I could create meaningful jobs for some of them – at least this could give them some purpose in their lives – some may argue that unemployment does not fuel crime – but imagine you were in the same predicament and have to feed your family – what would you do in desperation!! I have no immediate answers but what I do know is that for as long as I have a job where I earn a salary – I am obligated to keep trying to assist others and hopefully by supporting them in some small way – they would be inspired to create something meaningful for themselves and their families. There is no such thing as TOO LITTLE or TOO SMALL – all the little efforts together Make a Huge Difference. Just been greeted with a happy smile is enough!!

I wrote about Junior’s Carwash in the past and the fact that he was killed in December by some unknown gunmen who have still not been caught. I even popped around there this morning and the irony of it all – 5 months down the line – is that the spot is still as spotlessly clean albeit that the carwash is not as busy any more and the debris that you see in the photo below is as a result of a service delivery protest which happened on Tuesday right in front of his carwash but no one damaged his sign board and structure!! So clearly even though Junior is no more – he is still remembered for what he did – or that is at least what I want to believe also having had a chat to some of the guys who worked for him.

Happy, smiling faces like these – make it all worth while – these little girls receive a meal a day from the Seki Women’s Foundation in New Brighton!!