Community Development through an Asset-Based Approach

Community development through an asset-based method makes up a large part of what Ikhala Trust does.  As a result, the Asset-Based Community Development Festival with the theme “Small is the new BIG” was hosted by Ikhala Trust in 2015.  We have a short clip with highlights on YouTube.

Much as the festival celebrated Asset-Based Community Development, it was also an information-gathering tool. We hoped to find out where the community wanted to take Asset-Based Community Development. What stood out most of all was a yearning for a way to swap knowledge and learn more. The large amount of available knowledge is scattered across many sources, making it difficult to find.  Because of this, and true to form, Ikhala Trust made a list of its assets while looking for a solution.

The Birth of the “ABCD South Africa” Platform

We found that we had assets spread all over South Africa. Ninnette Eliasov of Elamanzi in Cape Town was ready to spend time doing research and writing. Loyiso Gxothiwe, from Tarka Development Group in Tarkastad, was likewise ready to find and write stories for the platform. David Fourie, also from Tarka Development Group in Tarkastad, was eager to explore the technical side.

With the support of the CS Mott Foundation, we put all our assets in a leaky bucket. Fortunately, we found that our bucket was not too leaky, and Asset Based Community-driven Development: South Africa was born.

As the name implies, the platform is there to serve the entire South African community of Asset-Based Community-driven developers.

Our team will build a database of information and share new information regularly. While they will be doing a lot of the work, we also want your input, since you are our community. Most of all, please send any information you think could be useful to others by e-mail to

Opportunities for Community Development

Ikhala Trust has made an initial investment to create and support the platform. We are open to ideas for ABCD community teamwork through co-development, co-funding, co-branding and other means. Please contact us with your thoughts, but only after visiting the ABCD SA platform!