“Ikhala” is the isiXhosa word for Aloe in English. The Aloe is indigenous to the Eastern Cape. It is hardy, resilient and thrives best in adverse weather conditions. The Aloe plant is also used for medicinal purposes. It was felt that the name was appropriate for a delegated fund in the Eastern Cape Province, as although it was expected that not everything would go smoothly, the initiative would prosper regardless of the adversities it faced.

Bernie Dolley

Unathi Mselane

Vuyokazi Sanxana

Bank:                     ABSA Bank
Type of A/C:       Current
A/C Nr:                 4055563362
Branch Code:     511517
Swift Nr:              ABSAAZAJJ

Ikhala Trust is a registered not-for-profit Public Benefit Organisation and has 18A Tax Exempt Status

Self-reliant, confident and vibrant organizations are able to envision and catalyse positive change in themselves and their communities.

To support community-led initiatives in the Eastern Cape by building relationships, enhancing capacity and facilitating access to funds.


Ms Sarah Hugow
Ms Ncumisa Nongogo
Ms Nicolette Louis
Mr Andy de la Mare
Mr Vernon Naidoo
Dr Blanche Pretorius


Ms Bernie Dolley
Ms Unathi Mselane
(Community Development Practitioner)
Ms Vuyokazi Sanxana
(Office Administrator)