Assessing Ikhala Trust Support

The Ikhala Trust is a developmental micro-funder formed in 2002. Since then Ikhala has disbursed R2.4 million to 85 CBOs in the Eastern Cape Province. Ikhala’s aim is to channel resources to small organisations that are otherwise overlooked but which are pivotal in the response to development needs associated with poverty, HIV and AIDS. The Trust’s activities are not limited to grant making and include capacity building for its grantees as well as advocacy and lobbying.

HIV/AIDS is one of five focus areas identified for Ikhala’s attention. Between January 2005 and August 2006, fourteen organisations involved in HIV/AIDS-related work received funding and support from Ikhala. Grants are small, ranging between R5 000 and R30 000. Activities funded cover a range of responses that Ikhala seeks to support: Home Based Care, education and awareness, nutrition, orphans and vulnerable children, and advocacy. Ikhala raises funds to disburse as block grants. In this instance the grant originated with Africa Groups of Sweden.

This assessment considers the way Ikhala works with organisations that it supports, whether this represents a new approach to development, and if the elements of an “Ikhala model” can be identified. It was commissioned to establish an independent view of the degree to which small, recently established organisations are able to benefit from Ikhala’s particular way of working.

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