Annual Report 2017 – 2018

The Ikhala Trust here presents its Annual Report for the year ending February 2018, which is a summary of key events and activities that took place during the period March 2017 to February 2018. The report covers the core activities of grant making and capacity development and support; key annual learning events such as the Annual Grantee Conference and Festival as well as the International ABCD Imbizo co-hosted in Port Elizabeth by Ikhala Trust in February 2018; networking and collaborative activities; and resource mobilisation and organisational issues.

It was significant in more ways than one as we celebrated our 15th Anniversary in April
2017.  No mean feat at a time when many NGOs have fallen on hard times and were forced to retrench staff, never easy especially during these tough economic times.  Our 2017 Asset Based Community Development Festival held at the Willows Resort and Conference Centre in November 2017 with the theme “Feeling the FEAR and doing it ANYWAY” and attended by 61 participants representing corporates, academia, CBOs and NGOs was a resounding success.

Our dream was to host an International ABCD Festival in our own Friendly City and this dream came true when from the 21st – 23rd February 2018, Ikhala Trust played host to 170 participants from 23 countries at the Willows Resort and Conference Centre. Words cannot describe the effects and impact of this major event that set us on the world stage of international ABCD practice.

During June – August 2017 we undertook an External Evaluation which was conducted by Ms Penny Ward from Mute NGO Consulting and assisted us greatly in clarifying our purpose and direction and assisted us in identifying areas of our work that needed attention.

We continued to support our community partners with small grants that enabled them to continue to provide much needed support in their communities were they reside.

Being able to demonstrate the impact and effect of our work has become increasingly important and challenging at the same time as many of our partners on whom we rely for information that can assist us in capturing important data are unable to consistently provide this information.  We have had to release some long term partners precisely because despite all our efforts they are unable to provide us with the information we require that would make our reporting to donors meaningful. Seems unfair on them, but that is the nature of the beast as more and more donors are asking for this information to justify their financial support to organisations like Ikhala Trust.

We continue to receive in-kind donations from all sources which includes material off-cuts, clothing, furniture and food-stuff that we are able to in turn donate to the many organisations on our database.

On a sad note, the NGO sector was deeply saddened by the sudden death of Mary Humphreys, a personal friend, colleague and humanitarian who passed away on the 1st October 2017.  Mary was the Director the Raphael Centre, Grahamstown and a strong advocate of the Asset Based Community Development approach and was instrumental in lobbying for support from her Board of Trustees, Staff and Volunteers to shift from a needs-based to an asset-based approach.  We had great plans and were looking forward to continuing our work with the Centre. Anne Loeffler is now the new Manager and we will continue to support the Raphael Centre.

A sincere and deep appreciation and gratitude to our amazing Trustees and Associates for the wisdom, the enthusiasm and support to me as the Director. As a leader I often feel challenged to do what is right and not just the right thing. I can always share openly with my Trustees and do not have to feel that I am alone – they always have relevant advice and support for me. This definitely lightens the load!!

Finally, to our loyal donors for their continued financial support as well as their advice and counsel when it is needed – a very BIG THANK YOU!!

Mrs Bernie Dolley

Ikhala Trust Annual Report 2017 – 2018