Annual Report 2011-2012

The Ikhala Trust here presents its Annual Report for the year ending February 2012, which is a summary of key events and activities that took place during the year. The report covers the core activities of grant making and capacity development and support; key annual learning events such as the Annual Grantee Conference; networking and collaborative activities; and resource mobilisation and organisational issues. We also share thought pieces in the hope that we can promote a dialogue or conversation around some of these pieces.

Ikhala Trust Annual Report 2011-2012

This particular photo is significant to me as this and many others like this that we have in our collection of photographs over the years we have been working with community based organisations as it is only when you take time to meet with people where they live and work that you really understand the trying conditions under which they are meant to do their work. Ninety-five percent of the organisations we support work as volunteers and yet we expect them to be able to meet all the requirements in terms of their administration as if they can just automatically drop what they are doing and send information that we need. Many of them have to travel many kilometres to the closest Post Office or local clinic in order to either send or receive a fax from our offices. There is much we can learn from how these little organisations go about their daily activities in meeting the many demands of the communities which they serve. We understand exactly why many of the bigger funders do not want to invest their monies into communities at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’; it is indeed hard work. However, with the hard work come many rewards and this is what keeps people in organisations like Ikhala Trust on the move and inspired.

Our work in promoting community driven development approaches is growing and we are thrilled that more and more individuals and organisations are also entering this space and our investment over the past 9 years is bearing fruit. We off course cannot claim that we have been the only advocates for this shift in thinking and practice but we can acknowledge that we have played a significant role in this regard.

We are very proud that we will be celebrating our 10th Birthday in November 2012 and look forward to celebrating this momentous occasion with close friends, colleagues and our supporters who have believed in what we have been doing and have invested their funds and guidance, advice and support to us over all these years.

The not-for-profit sector is facing some tough times and leadership at this time needs to be courageous, take risks and show resilience in order to weather the storm. We can only do that with the support of our Board of Trustees, Critical Friends, Colleagues and our generous donors and need to show humility and seek guidance and assistance when it is needed.

Mrs Bernie Dolley

Please download the full report here.