Annual Report 2010-2011

The Ikhala Trust here presents its Annual Report for the year ending February 2011, which is a summary of key events and activities that took place during the year. The report covers the core activities of grant making and capacity development and support; key annual events such as the Annual Grantee Conference; networking and collaborative activities; and resource mobilisation and organisational issues. We also reflect on key lessons learned during the past year.

Kenako (We are here) it was here, it happened, as South Africans we did our country proud, we were great hosts, we celebrated our diversity, our citizenship of a country of which we are so proud and boom!! – in just over a month the hype was all gone, no more vuvuzelas driving us crazy, no more seas of yellow clothing – the World Cup Soccer was over!!. Life must return to normal!!

The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, built at a cost of millions of rands which excludes the investment in infrastructure, are stark reminders of a World Class event that happened in South Africa country just a few months ago. The lucky few who were in the front of the queue with regard to tenders and spin-offs, are happy and smiling and for some of them they probably don’t have to do ‘real’ work in a long time – but for the poor and marginalised – little has changed. Unemployment currently stands at a national high of 25, 7% – reaching our Millenium Development Goals of halving poverty and unemployment by 2015 remains an elusive dream!!

But, despite all the challenges and negative feelings about the event, we will also share some inspiring moments that we were able to capture and celebrate during this period.

There are many questions that keep us awake at night and continues to pervade our dreams – is it money, power, control, more money, more control that will ultimately SAVE this amazing country! We have no answers as a small community grant maker in the Eastern Cape, we only know that we will keep trying and challenging the status quo by surrounding ourselves with people who believe that despite the difficulties and hardships, that a different life for the poor and marginalised in this Province is possible!!

At Ikhala Trust we have opportunities on a daily basis to celebrate the ‘small things’ – enough of the ‘small things’ must surely cause a major ripple and hence make a positive impact. We are privileged to work directly with community members who are dedicated, passionate and committed and who remain hopeful – we certainly cannot let our concerns and worries rub off on them and spoil the ‘moment’.

During this financial year we also embarked on a ‘Critical Reflection of our Practice’ that was an attempt to understand what we should do ‘more’ of and what we needed to ‘adapt’ in order to be a more effective community grant maker who genuinely responds to the voices of the people we work with.

We know that wherever we find ourselves in the Province and the many organisations we interface with, that we bring hope, courage and joy and for this we are truly humbled. We are always very warmly received and look forward to travelling to various communities to learn from what they are doing and to offer advice, support and encouragement and off course not forgetting the infamous ‘black bags’ of second hand clothing, food and whatever we have to give.

Mrs Bernie Dolley

Please download the full report here.