Annual Report 2009

The economic recession, whilst not having an immediate impact on Ikhala Trust per se, is still however felt through the work of our grantees many of whom are reporting that they have been forced to include feeding of clients and family mem- bers into their activities as they witness the hardships being ex- perienced. Some of our funder s themselves have felt the eco- nomic crunch and in instances budgets have been slightly reduced.

Whilst South Africa as a country is in its final stages of preparing for the country’s national elections which will take place in April 2009, there is again the promise of ‘a better life for all’ being touted and ban- died about by all political parties. For the mi llions of poor and vulnerable who become the main target of these campaigns, life post the elections often remains the same as we have seen in so many communities since 1994.

It is therefore incumbent upon civil society organisations to ensure that citizens in this country are more informed and therefore become more involved in ensuring that the ‘elected’ deliver on the promises they made on the campaign trail. It will require the same rigour and energy which existed that enabled us to become a democratic country.

To remain true to our vision and mission re quires that we take careful note of devel- opments in the country and to engage in meaningful dialogue with others when we see that promises made are not fulfilled.

We wish to thank all our donors and supporters for the relationships which we have developed over the years and for their financial support to Ikhala Trust which means that we in turn can support the communities we do with commitment, dedication and innovation.

Mrs Bernie Dolley

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