ABCD Training in Port Alfred

Start with what is strong in ourselves and communities instead of what is wrong.

Awesome, very positive, encouraging approach, energetic, passion, zest for life – these were just some of the adjectives used to describe participants feelings after a 3-day Asset Based Community-driven Development workshop held in Port Alfred from the 16th – 18th May, 2017 and hosted by the Sunshine Coast Hospice.

They were joined by Child Welfare – Kenton, Child Welfare – Port Alfred, Ingubo Children’s Haven, Sikhulisa Skills Development Centre, Enkuthazweni Community Centre, Grahamstown Hospice, and Port Alfred Soup Kitchen – NGO’s and CBOs working in the respective areas. Some of the organisations were sponsored by the Stenden University that is based in Port Alfred. None of this would have been possible had it not been for the generous sponsorship by the Halyards Hotel and Spa who provided us with a hugely discounted daily rate on the meals and donated the venue. We need more gestures like this that would make hosting ABCD workshops in more communities possible!!

The venue was amazing and provided us with space to share, learn, appreciate and value each other as human beings for our gifts, talents and skills.

Thank you to Angela Hibbert from the Sunshine Coast Hospice in Port Alfred for being the driver behind getting us to Port Alfred to facilitate this workshop.

Everyone agreed that the workshop was timely as many of the participant work in organisations who provide social services and with the recent subsidy cuts by the Department of Social Development the mood in the beginning was somewhat negative as Directors of organisations were concerned about what was going to happen to them and their staff.However once Carla and I got going these feelings were temporarily put on the back-burner and the participation from everyone was amazing and the energy was high. Participants had fun scratching around in the tool box for materials they could use to produce a vision for what they saw happening in their communities in the next 3-5 years. Some chose clouds with rays of sunlight and others used a rainbow to illustrate their vision.

Using an ABCD approach to development seeks to identify what UNITES us by recognising our abilities, strengths, skills and passions to build strong, resilient individuals and communities!!

Download the report on ABCD South Africa and submit your own reports and stories of success.