A peer-learning and exposure visit to the Keiskamma Trust

Ikhala Trust is always ready for a challenge and once again did exactly this when we were tasked by a group of young people from Hamburg who attended the Asset Based Community Development Review session in Port Elizabeth in May 2013 to visit their village and to come and see what they have achieved over the years. Seeing is believing they said and indeed it was for the 32 people who boarded two 22 seater taxis from Port Elizabeth to Hamburg. We invited people from Tarkastad, East London and some local organisations who had participated in our ABCD training on the trip. For many of them this was their first time ever to travel outside of Port Elizabeth and many of them did not even know where Hamburg was. This was also our way of celebrating Heritage month and what an eye-opener for all who participated in this exchange visit – anything is possible if we all join hands to make it work!!

Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to learn from other young people – I want to go back to Hamburg on my own to learn some more!!
The highlight for me was seeing the women doing the embroidery who were so passionate about what they were doing
Each and every community can make a change and a difference. Starting from the youth – developing the young people is the way to turn each and every life around for the better!!